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Evaluation of Preventive Care Project (Wolverhampton.)

Evaluation of the Heantun Care Housing Association (HCHA) and Age Concern (AC) Preventive Care project in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton (2004-5).

HCHA/AC's Preventive Care project engaged with older people (over the age of 70) who live in Wednesfield, wolverhampton and aimed to identify individuals who were vulnerable with a view to preventing the need for statutory intervention. The evaluation focussed upon the effectiveness and benefits of this approach. The main focus was on participants' experiences and their perception of the benefits that this approach had on their quality of life. Essentially, this involved an objective and subjective evaluation of the participants' life circumstances - specifically focussing on the psychological, social, occupational and physical core domains. Information was gathered via interviews with those referred to the project and an anlysis of project referral data. The narratives obtained from the interviews were useful in determining whether the project was successful in achieving its aims so that HCHA and AC could share this learning with others.

The evaluation provided a deeper understanding of the needs of this client group which was disseminated to assist other health and social care workers.


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