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Family Matters DVD Educational Resource (Walsall)

An exciting educational resource highlighting and addressing the growing issue of teenage pregnancy in South Asian communities.

"Family Matters" consists of a 20 minute video with accompanying facilitator notes and activities that can be used in schools or community settings. In the film we are told the story of 15-year-old Soraya who has become pregnant by her boyfriend Rohan (also 15). Their friend Sophie explains how they knew about safer sex – "they had the lessons, the condom demonstrations in class – but they still went and did it". The effects of unplanned and underage pregnancy on them, the family and the community are shown through the young people’s reflections on the situation, but more so through Soraya's mother. The story is told using a high quality docudrama approach similar to popular 'real life' TV programmes. It's a gritty and emotional story that enables young people to question the thoughts, behaviour and actions of the actors. The activities that accompany the pack enable young people to make more informed decisions and dispel some of the myths that surround safer sex.

-Watch a clip by clicking here (note: this is an external link to YouTube)


Walsall has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country. In the main this is confined to white communities but incidences of unplanned teenage pregnancy in the South Asian and other minority communities is on the rise. In light of this an interdisciplinary working group was formed to explore how best they could collaboratively prevent this situation from worsening. Bright Red carried out initial research which involved an examination of previous and current education work, focus group discussions with young people to assess their needs and discussions within the community. Through this process young people asked for a resource that reflected real examples, acknowledged the sexual health education they had already received and was of a professional quality (past health education video resources were criticised for the poor acting and filming quality). Most importantly, they stated that the resource should highlight that issues were the same for all communities - underage pregnancy was undesirable regardless of which ethnic group you belonged to, the only difference being in the severity of punishment. Thus, the research highlighted the need for targeted work but this had to be sensitive to the religious and cultural nuances within South Asian communities and recognise the diversity within them. Through consultation with the local community the resource has been fully supported and has been used in schools across Walsall.  The evaluation was carried out by Bright Red and focussed on how to measure the impact of the resource on participants. The accompanying pack also contains resources that will help teachers to carry out their own evaluation.


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