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The company was formed in 2000 at a time when public and private business was thriving. Confidence in business was the greatest it's ever been, and this filtered down to the public level. However there was no room for complacency and many challenges and problems remained unaddressed. For example, awareness of health issues such as cancer, mental health and coronary heart disease remained problems for health workers to address, especially within specific hard-to-reach communities. In both the private and public sector, the use and speed of change around technology presented a number of opportunities as well as potential problems for its workforce (i.e. information overload). In this era of rapid development and change, creative and innovative solutions were required so that organisations could enhance the way they work with the people they serve or with the people they provide products to. Teams needed to work more efficiently with each other, with a better sense of purpose, direction and clearer goals.  In addition, clear and effective evaluation of services and  projects was required to ensure that current funding was used for greatest impact and return on investment, and that future funding was as efficient as possible.

We noticed that there was a growing interest to utilise creative and innovative methods to engage clients, patients and service users, deliver services and motivate teams in both private and public sector health environments. High-quality, cost-effective consultancy and management services were few and far between – our aim was to fill that gap. We had a range of skills, a commitment to quality, a fair & ethical approach to our work and pricing; and above all, we had the skills & networks that others did not.

What we have developed is a bright, fresh and engaging approach to research, evaluation and development, in all its forms, and we do this in an innovative and creative way. This is why we call ourselves Bright RED Creative Solutions.

Research to understand the current picture and to make recommedations for service developments,

Evaluation techniques to assess those developments and their impact, and

Development in the form of training to prepare the workforce or client group.



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